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The Lighthouse

​Core Values

                                                          Biblical Authority
We will embrace scripture as the source of inspired authority for faith, life and ministry by...

                                   * Encouraging inspired, relevant teaching of the Word
                                   * Obeying and living the Word
                                   * Developing ministries that flow from a biblical base
                                   * Facilitating biblically trained leadership

Spiritual Passion

We will passionately love God and, recognizing the Lordship of Christ, be sensitive to and dependent upon the leading of the Holy Spirit by....

                                  * Praying with intensity
                                  * Worshiping with expectance
                                  * Preaching Biblically and relevantly
                                  * Studying diligently and thoroughly

                                 Great Commission Commitment

We will reach the lost and disciple the saints in any context by....
                                 * Sending missionaries
                                 * Evangelism
                                 * Training and equipping people

                                           Empowering People

Helping people to discover their passions and giftedness,

                                * releasing them for ministry
                                * Cultivating an environment for pastoral excellence
                                * Practicing servant / leadership

                                          Kingdom Perspective

We will focus on building God’s kingdom as we fulfill our mission and ....

                               *  Developing strategic partnerships
                               *  Networking with like-minded ministries
                               *  Placing God’s agenda over personal / historical agendas
                               *  Focusing on building His kingdom and leting Him build the church

                                            Social Conscience

We will prioritize the Gospel of Jesus Christ as God's power unto salvation for all by....

                              * Encouraging works of compassion, justice and human aid (Matthew 5:13-16).
                              * Placing high value on the sanctity of human life, of biblical marriage and                                           morality, and welcoming ethnic diversity (Isaiah 56:7; Philippians 2:15-16).

                              * Accepting the timeless purpose of God through his ancient people Israel, and                                   reject anti-Semitism and all ethnic discrimination                                                                                 (Romans 11:11-27; Acts 17:26).