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Children's Ministry

Children are VERY important at The Lighthouse! Jesus, Himself blessed the children and said the greatest in the kingdom are in fact, children. 
At the Lighthouse, we house a bright, happy nursery with four cribs, a gliding rocker, a changing table, a see-through window, along with a sound system so that you can tend to your baby, yet still hear and see the message being preached. We want you to feel welcome and right at home. 
Next, we have a kid's church room, brightly decorated with paintings of Bible heroes. At the present time, we have all children five and up meet in this room for lessons taught directly from the Bible. As we grow, we will separate the children into two groups each week -- a primary kid's church and a secondary kid's church. If you feel your child is not ready to sit in the regular worship service, we invite your children to stay and be helpers for our classroom. 

We plan on having programs for different times in the Church year, as the children did for Father's Day, to the delight of all in attendance. We also plan on holding Vacation Bible School, along with other fun activities for the children, as they learn to love and obey the Lord. 

Come -- be a part of what we're doing in the lives of children at The Lighthouse! Bring your children for Sunday Service, where they will be able to actively participate in the praise and worship at The Lighthouse, where they will have active roles in service at the church. Also, come to family night, where parents can learn from the Word in a Bible study, and the children are taught in there own class. 

Sunday service starts at 1:30PM; Wednesday Family Night is only an hour, from 7-8PM Teaching