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Pastor Timothy Jones

The "the son of a Pentecostal preacher", but for a time, he acted

like anything but. He got saved on a dark, yet starry night

November 1979 as he was driving home from a "gig", as he was a bass player in a band that got signed to a 

recording contract. He gave up the band, and got hooked into

Jesus 100 %. He later attended Valley Forge Christian  College,

and finished his degree through Berean School. 

His partner in ministry and wife, Rebecca, grew up in the Lutheran Church, and thought the Pentecostal church was the stuff of "The Blues Brothers." As a Christian not rooted in the Word at one time, she blamed God for some unfortunate occurrences in her life and ran from Him for a few years. After having a "God experience" in her living room, she turned her life completely over to Jesus Christ, the mender of broken hearts and restorer of all things. 
Together, Timothy and Rebecca share about the life-changing, rearranging, all-encompassing freedom from sin through the blood and forgiveness that only Jesus Christ can give. 
Timothy and Rebecca cannot do this ministry alone. The area is too large, and there's too little time before Christ comes back to claim His bride. In fact, they rely upon the church board, the music ministry, the teachers and prayer warriors at our church, as well as brothers and sisters in Christ who are praying for breakthrough for the entire Delmarva Peninsula. 

If you'd like to join our team and make a difference for the Lord, come on out and catch the vision!